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Nigerian Afro Funk Reissues, Brown Shirts and smelly Skid Marks

Some months ago this new label PMG or Presch Media GmbH, seemingly coming out of nowhere (well, they’re from Austria, same thing…) began flooding the market with a sputtering string of budget reissues of various Nigerian records. We did some digging into PMG’s background and found this other Austrian label and mail order named Steinklang which is also owned and operated by PMG owner Markus Presch:

Interesting enough, when I first published this story on Facebook it got pulled after 2 days for being flagged as „Spam“ multiple times. I wonder why and how that happened.

Musically, Steinklang published some sort of provincial 2nd Generation Industrial rehash (let’s just say they’re neither SPK nor Laibach…), Electronic Noise and Neo-Folk. For those who missed out so far, Neo-Folk is a genre of music that often is associated with a rather far-right to extreme right world view, Lord of the Rings influenced lyrics (these are grown up people we are talking about!) knights in shiny armor and Lederhosen, all in all a rather curious mix:

Here is a live album recorded at Presch’s own „Steinklang Industries Festival“ where one of his label’s main acts named „Wappenbund“ performs their version of the national anthem of Nazi Germany „Die Fahne Hoch“. The distribution and performance of this song are strictly Verboten in today’s Germany but as it seems not in Austria, so Markus Presch proudly included the nazi anthem on the festival’s live album:…/Various-Steinklang…/release/406485

But it gets worse, much worse. Check out the „artwork“, of this release, if your stomach is strong enough:

Afro Funk publisher M. Presch’s other side really comes to shine on this release and with song titles such as „"White Power Forces“, „"Negros In Sky-Wars“ or „"Klaus Barbie“:…/Genocide-Organ-Rast…/master/248274

One band on this specific release named Rasthof Dachau still records new albums for Presch’s Steinklang label, at least their latest release, titled „Zero Tolerance“ only dates back to 2014. Most likely they record in the very same studio where Markus Presch also does the mastering for his African reissues. BTW, he pays people to send him mp3s since he doesn’t have any of the original records. This explains the rather unusual lo-fi approach of these PMG releases. Rasthof Dachau, as the name already implies (Dachau was the first of the Nazi concentration camps opened in Germany), are pretty clear and upfront about their political orientation. Song titles like „"Endlösug Wannsee“, „"Zyklon B“ or „"Endsieg“ and album titles like „"Blut Und Boden“ speak for themselves but have a look for yourself:…/Rasthof-Dachau-In-…/release/330480…/Rasthof-Dachau-Blut-…/master/31480

Now this is where things become really interesting. One half of the duo Rasthof Dachau is a certain Max Presch, maybe this is Markus’ wayward brother?

But no, as it turns out, Max and Markus Presch both are the exact same person:

Last FM lists Rasthof Dachau under the Top White Power Electronics artists world wide, I had no idea this even was a genre but congratulation Max/Markus Presch, that’s a proud accomplishment:

Check him out on Youtube, for those who don’t understand German, Max/Markus is talking about humans being like cattle and then he states „we are the new race!“.

And here he is, our White Power Electronics Star and reissuer of Nigerian Funk, brown shirt and all:


The index to Steinklang’s mail order site pictured above is a screen shot. If you look under the original link:

Somehow Markus Presch’s name has since mysteriously disappeared from this index. PMG’s old FB presence is also gone while the new page displays strange clusters of (bought?) fan „likes“ from Turkey and various countries that end with „stan“… weird, but maybe that’s where his new fan base is located. Nothing would come as a surprise at this point.

Apparently somebody tried to scrub their brown skid marks off the internets. In Austria it might not be common knowledge yet that these things just never work but let’s give Markus a small tin version of the Eisernes Kreuz for effort.

When this story first broke, Markus Presch was very quick to deliver a barely legible rant about how this all was just a misrepresentation of his past as a shock artist and declaring how he was now a reformed man and a good Christian.

Let’s investigate this Christian angle a little more, shall we?

Here we have German Rolling Stone shedding some light on this weird Neo-Folk Scene and their connections to Austria’s far right Christian „Identitäre Bewegung“:

Prominently featured is neo-folk band Jännerwein which -surprise, surprise - is published by Markus Presch’s Steinklang label:

Here is a very telling photograph of what kind of a crowd of good Christian people is attracted by them. Non Kraut-speak people, please take note that Jännerwein can clearly be seen on the stage in front of these strangely 1930s/40s looking individuals:

Here is a link to Jännerwein's Discography (last release 2015 and still on Markus Presch’s Steinklang label) to provide proof that Markus Presch’s „other“ label indeed released their records which are also still being sold by Markus Presch’s mail order, probably in an effort to raise the money PMG still owes to various Nigerian artists whose records are already in stores but who are still waiting for outstanding payments. It’s a strange, strange world out there:

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